"Serenity" Candle Set


"Serenity" Candle Set


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Immerse yourself in the aroma of the "Serenity" candle set, designed to celebrate and embrace moments of tranquility. This set features four 8 oz candles, offering up to 50 hours of serene burn time.

  1. "CALM" - Experience a soothing blend where zesty citrus and invigorating mint dance with the grounding essence of rosemary. A symphony of lush greens and rich woods forms the base, accentuated by a subtle hint of black pepper. Transform your space into a haven of calm with this refreshing aroma.

  2. "SUNDAY" - Capture the enchantment of a leisurely Sunday morning with the delightful "Sunday" fragrance. Allow the sweet allure of vanilla sugar and the warmth of cinnamon spice to envelop you, while mid notes of clove leaves and maple syrup create a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of cherished brunch moments.

  3. "BREEZE" - Let your senses wander to distant shores with the captivating "Breeze" scent. Experience the invigorating embrace of the ocean, complemented by the exotic essence of Sicilian oranges. Mid notes of star jasmine and white cedar add a touch of sophistication, while the earthy musk base anchors the experience in blissful serenity.

  4. "BLOOM" - Embrace the beauty of nature's awakening with the elegant "Bloom" fragrance. A symphony of pink lilac and mandarin leaf takes center stage, embraced by the delicate grace of blue willow. Notes of wild bamboo and magnolia infuse green freshness, while the sheer musk base adds an earthy touch of grounding.

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