About Us

Welcome to our home! Terradomi Candle Co. was born from the love of self care, mindfulness and sustainability. We believe in the joy of life's small, yet magical moments; light a candle and take some precious time just for yourself.

How it all started...

I am Andreea, the candle maker and founder of Terradomi Candle Co. and my focus revolves around mindfulness, self care and a sustainable way of living. Growing up in a small rural community in Romania, I was part of a family of small business owners. Through their hard work, my parents instilled in me a passion for supporting local businesses, eco friendliness and entrepreneurship while striving to live life in a simple, yet meaningful way.

When I moved to Canada, as a first generation immigrant, I started to be more exposed to the reality and consequences of mass production and felt inspired to create a product that brings people precious moments of stillness while being mindful of taking better care of our collective, planet Earth.

Our focus

At Terradomi Candle Co. we hand pour our candles into versatile, reusable & refillable, ceramic vessels. To make our candles, we use all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, phthalate free premium fragrances, and essential oils.

With sustainability in mind, we created a refill option for our customers. In an effort to reduce waste, you can now purchase easy to use refills for your Terradomi candle. Just pop it in your candle container and enjoy!





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