About Us

Welcome to our home! Terradomi Candle Co. was built from the love of design, creativity and sustainability. We bring you a candle that will stay a part of your home for years to come. 

We hand pour our candles into versatile, reusable, ceramic vessels using all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, phthalate free premium fragrances, and essential oils. By doing this, we keep our promise in taking better care of our collective home, planet Earth. This concept also inspired us to create a local refill program for our customers. In an effort to reduce waste, we are offering our customers the options to have their candles refilled for $17 and not have to discard their empty. For our non local customers, we take back the empties from you and offer you a $25 credit that can be applied to any purchase on our website  (more information on our refill and trade in program can be found here).

“Why not create a product that becomes part of one’s home, rather than be tossed away after use?”

The essence of the Terradomi candle lies in its vessel. If you are deciding to keep the vessel for yourself, the options are unlimited. Our sustainable, hand crafted Terradomi candle vessel can be easily repurposed as a cup for your favourite drink, planter, make up brush or pen holder, vase and much more.

Andreea is the founder and the creative mind behind Terradomi Candle Co. Her values in life revolve around mindfulness, self love, a grounded way of living, as well as incorporating and promoting sustainability. Growing up in Romania, Andreea was a part of a family of small business owners. Her hard working parents instilled in her a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship while striving to live life in a meaningful way.

Terradomi Candle Co. was born as a result of Andreea moving to Canada, as a first generation immigrant, and being more exposed to the reality and consequences of mass production. Her dream of showing more love to planet Earth came to life through the products she has passionately created.