cinnamon bun soy scented candles cinnamon scented candle
Cinnamon Bun Candle from $24.00 $37.00
Savour the delectable aroma of our Cinnamon Bun Soy Candle. Transport yourself to a cozy bakery with the tantalizing scent of warm cinnamon buns, drizzled with creamy vanilla icing. Let the fragrance infuse your space with the mouthwatering essence of freshly baked treats, creating an atmosphere that's both comforting and inviting. As you light this candle, allow the enticing aroma to awaken your senses and evoke a sense of pure indulgence. Notes: Top: Butter, Cherry Middle: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Maple Sugar Base: Baked Dough
apple pie candle apple pie scented candle
Apple Pie Candle from $24.00 $37.00
Indulge in the comforting aroma of our Apple Pie Soy Candle. Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting fragrance of freshly baked apple pie, complete with light undertones of spice. With every burn, you'll experience the essence of home-baked goodness that brings back fond memories and creates a cozy ambiance in your space. Our candles are crafted with care to infuse your surroundings with a delightful aroma that lingers, providing you with moments of comfort and relaxation. Notes: Top: Almond, Orange Middle: Apple, Brown Sugar Base: Butter, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Pie Crust
Blueberry Cobbler Candle blueberry cobbler scented candle
Blueberry Cobbler Candle from $24.00 $37.00
Experience the enticing aroma of our Blueberry Cobbler Soy Candle. Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering experience of freshly baked blueberry cobbler, straight out of the oven. The fragrance captures the essence of ripe blueberries mingling with creamy undertones, creating a delightful bouquet that fills your space with irresistible sweetness. As you light this candle, let the captivating scent transport you to a warm and inviting kitchen, where the memories of homemade desserts and cozy gatherings come alive. Notes: Top: Butter, Sugar Middle: Blueberry Base: Graham Cracker, Vanilla
chocolate chip cookie scented candle cookie scented candle
Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle from $24.00 $24.00
Enjoy the irresistible scent of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Soy Candle. Experience the nostalgia of freshly baked cookies with every delicate whiff. The fragrance captures the essence of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven, filling your space with a sense of comfort and delight. As you light this candle, let the aroma transport you to cherished memories of homemade treats and cozy moments, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Notes Top: Orange Zest, Milk Chocolate Chips Middle: Brown Sugar Base: Vanilla Extract, Cookie Dough
hot chocolate scented candle hot chocolate soy candle
Hot Chocolate Candle from $24.00 $24.00
Experience the indulgence of our Hot Chocolate Soy Candle. Immerse yourself in the rich and decadent fragrance that captures the essence of a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Sensational notes of dark chocolate meld with the creamy embrace of fresh cream and smooth butter, creating a velvety aroma that envelops your senses. As you light this candle, let the comforting and sweet scent transport you to cozy moments of relaxation, offering a delightful treat for your senses. Notes: Top: Dark Chocolate Middle: Creamy Sweetness Base: Warm butter, Vanilla

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