How We Give Back

Giving back as a small business is a top priority for the Terradomi family and is very close to our hearts. Growing up in Romania, I learned to be very in tune and sensitive to animals and their well being. One of the biggest problems Romania is facing to this day is the multitude of stray dogs- currently over 600K dogs and thousands of cats live on the streets, and due to extremely low adoption rates, dog shelters are overflowing.

As a child, we always had a dog in our family, and we often took in dogs that just happened to walk from the street to our front door and never leave. Animal well being is very close to our hearts, so Terradomi Candle Co. is committed to donating part of our monthly proceeds to animal shelters in Romania, especially small shelters that don't benefit from much funding, such as MaxDog Association.

While we are proud to support this cause in Romania, we also recognize there are other countries that could benefit from our help. Therefore we have also committed to support Soi Dog Foundation and their efforts of rescuing stray dogs and cats off the streets of Thailand and South East Asia and help with them finding new homes.

While we understand there is much more work to be done when it comes to giving back, we want to thank you, our dear customers, for helping us help others and making this journey possible for us. Together we are stronger!