"Serenity" Candle Set


"Serenity" Candle Set


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Escape into a world of calm with the "Serenity" candle set. This set includes four 8 oz candles that burn for up to 50 hours each, allowing you to enjoy their soothing scents for a long time.

  1. "CALM": Relax with the candle's fresh citrus and cool mint scent mixed with earthy rosemary. A symphony of lush greens and rich woods forms the base, with a subtle hint of black pepper. Transform your space into a haven of calm with this refreshing aroma.

  2. "SUNDAY" - This candle smells just like a cozy weekend morning. Its sweet vanilla sugar and warm cinnamon scents wrap around you. Notes of clove and maple syrup make it feel like you're enjoying a special brunch. This comforting fragrance brings back happy memories of relaxing Sundays.

  3. "BREEZE" - This candle smells like the fresh ocean air with a hint of sweet oranges. Pretty jasmine and cedar wood make the scent fancy. But earthy musky notes keep it feeling calm and peaceful, like you're relaxing by the sea.

  4. "BLOOM" - This candle smells like pretty pink lilac flowers and sweet mandarin oranges. It has hints of blue willow, bamboo, and magnolia that make it smell fresh and green. An earthy musky scent makes this floral fragrance feel natural and grounded.

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