How to reuse your candle vessels

Four Ways To Reuse Your Terradomi Candle

Your candle is finished and you don’t want to waste the ceramic container… what can you do with your empty? At Terradomi Candle Co.  we are committed to creating a repurposable and sustainable product so here are a few suggestions:
Refill or Trade In your empty Terradomi candle container. If you’re local to the GTA, you can refill your standard sized candle or send in 5 empties (we’ll pay for shipping) for a $25 credit at our store. More details on our Refill/Trade In page.
Use it as a planter- The cute ceramic makes for a perfect home for a succulent or your favourite plant!

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Use it as a make up brush holder or a pen holder. The size and diameter of the Terradomi candle vessel is perfect for holding pens on your desk or for all your make up brushes! 

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Turn your candle container into your favourite cocktail glass. Especially ideal for cold drinks, this ceramic will be sure to stand out!

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How have you been repurposing your Terradomi candle vessel? Send us a picture on our e-mail and we will share! 

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