Four Quick + Easy Steps To Start Your Day Right

morning routine

Life is busy. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, and sometimes even before you get out of bed, you grab your phone and instantly get exposed and slightly overwhelmed by information coming from news, social media, messages, e-mails, deadlines, to-do lists, tasks, kids, chores and work.

Your brain starts thinking a million ideas per minute and quickly you start forgetting about a morning routine and start working on all the things that MUST get done. Before you know it, it's night time again and you realize you had little to no time for yourself, a moment of stillness, to just be.

self care routine

A morning routine is great not only because it allows a precious 5-10 minutes just for yourself to get grounded and start the day with a clear mind, but it also allows for you to prioritize your tasks and get organized and productive.

This quick morning routine will set you up for the day feeling confident, focused and grounded. And the best part? It lasts only 10 minutes. Follow these five quick steps to take some time just for yourself:

1. Keep your phone notifications off for the first few minutes after you wake up. Whatever is on that phone can wait for 10 minutes. 😜 In fact, if you can keep your phone out of the bedroom during the night, even better. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of rest and peace and it should remain a tranquil, notification free space.


2. Light a candle. A candle by your bedside works like a charm, both mornings and night time. Light it two hours before you go to bed to create a nice smelling, soothing ambiance in your bedroom and will also aid with sleep (scents such as lavender & eucalyptus are known to help with sleep and relaxation). Re light the candle in the morning as soon as you wake up- the soothing flickering of the flame will get you grounded and will allow time for your body to catch up to your mind.

*** Tip for those working from home***: Once your morning routine is done, you can transfer the candle from the bedroom to your office and keep it on your desk while working to ensure a calmer, more grounded work day.

aromatherapy lavender candle

3. Write down your intentions for the day and prioritize your tasks. We love using The Five Minute Journal because it's a great tool to help you start your day with a gratitude mindset, it allows you to focus on what needs to get done and well, it only takes 5 minutes!

4. Stay still for a few minutes. Sit upright in your bed, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out.  Allow your mind to stay quiet for a few minutes (5 minutes or more if you have the time) and think of absolutely nothing.

This simple routine can be a little challenging in the beginning. As humans, we are so used to our minds being busy at all times and having thoughts rushing in- so achieving a few moments of stillness can sound impossible at first. This is normal and it will get better the more you practice this exercise, if a thought pops into your mind, be kind to yourself, gently let it go and keep breathing. Before you know it, the 5 minutes have gone by.

In just 10 minutes of stillness and self care practice, you (and your mind!) are now ready to dive into the busy day ahead while staying focused and grounded.

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