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Terradomi Candle Co.

Three Wick Refills (for cement 3 wick containers)

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Just finished your three wick Terradomi cement candle? No worries! Just pop in a wax refill and relax! 

These scented refills are exclusively made for the 3 wick cement container and are a great way to reuse your candle container as well as benefiting from great savings.

Why Refills?
1. They are a great value for our three wick candles, save over 40% by reusing your container and enjoy all the benefits of our soy candles.
2. Refilling your candle is an eco friendly and sustainable way to enjoy our products while taking better care of our planet.
3. Have a couple of refills on hand and ready to use once your candle runs out
4. Discover more scents and find your favourites!

13 oz soy wax
75+ hour burn time
eco friendly, vegan & cruelty free

How to Use?
  1. Once your three wick candle is finished, completely clean it out. For detailed instructions in how to clean out the container and best practices, please click here.
  2. Once the container is dry, pop in your refill and enjoy!
  3. Please burn your refill for a minimum of 3-4 hours, especially for the first burn and allow for the wax to melt all around the edges
  4. For best use and performance, we recommend using the three wick refills with the Terradomi cement containers ONLY.

Care Information

- burn each candle for 3-4 hrs at a time (especially on the first burn) or until the wax has melted all the way to the edge of the container

- keep the wick/s trimmed to 1/4" before each burn, with the exception of the first burn as the wick is trimmed by our team.


-all natural soy wax

-100% cotton wick

-phthalate & paraben free fragrance oils

How To Interpret Fragrance Notes

Fragrance notes can be separated into three basic categories: top notes, middle notes and bottom notes.

Top notes form the scent that you will be able to first detect after lighting your Terradomi candle. The main purpose of the top notes is to give a first impression of the candle scent and then transition smoothly into the next part of the fragrance. Top notes usually consist of lighter notes and citrus.

Middle notes, also known as the "heart" notes help build the foundation of the candle fragrance. They are meant to carry some of the top notes, while developing new ones in order to deepen the scent experience. Middle notes often include full bodied and aromatic oils.

Base notes, in harmony with middle notes, help form the foundation of the fragrance. Base notes enhance the lighter notes of the candle while adding more depth, sophistication and complexity. Popular base notes include rich aromas of vanilla, musk, moss & amber.


All Terradomi candles are made with love in Toronto. Our candles are hand poured in handmade ceramic vessels (standard size), 100% recyclable tins with a lid (travel size) or a natural concrete vessel (three wick candle).

The containers we use are designed to be recycled, repurposed or refilled via our Refill/ Trade in Program.