Zodiac Candle of the Month- Capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Candle of the Month

December 21- January 20

 This one is for the ultimate worker bees, the ambitious, hard working and persistent Capricorns. They are constantly competing with themselves and looking to do better. In their hard work, they are not looking for attention or adulation, however they do enjoy praise and being acknowledged for their achievements.

Capricorn Soy Candle

 Capricorns are extremely disciplined and constantly set out high goals for themselves. They can be self critical and perfectionists in their activities and are incredibly pragmatic. You can count on the Capricorn to give you sound advice and provide the most objective feedback.

 Capricorns have a unique gift of being brutally honest, yet make it sound funny at the same time. Capricorn's Motto: "When I'm good, I'm really good. But when I'm bad, I'm better!

 In love and relationships, Capricorns love to take their time and you’ll probably need to become their friend first and earn their trust. They are quite sentimental and, above all, they cherish family and friends.

Capricorn Soy Candle

 When creating the Capricorn candle, we wanted it to have a bold and honest fragrance. Fragrance Notes: Courageous woods and musk at the base, with fun middle notes of rose and jasmine and fresh green citrus at the top. This candle is as real as it gets and is sure to put impress any Capricorn!

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