Why Switch to Soy Candles?

Why switch to soy candles?

For most of us, a nice candle is a must when it comes to unwinding in the evening, while taking a relaxing bath or even while working, there is something truly special about the ritual of lighting a candle and allowing yourself to just be. However... not all candles are created equally.

The most common, readily available wax used in candle making is paraffin wax, a petroleum based wax that happens to be not so good for your health or the environment. The soot from paraffin candles emanate many kinds of toxins which cause indoor pollution and paraffin wax puts more strain on the environment as it originates from a non-renewable source. Why is this wax still used in candle making? Because it's a lot cheaper and not as tricky to work with as soy wax is.
What are the benefits of soy candles?
Soy Candles are Natural
We make our candles using just 3 ingredients: all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wick and phthalate/paraben free fragrance oils & essential oils. Soy wax is a natural wax, derived from soybean oil. Since soy wax is made from soy beans, it is 100% biodegradable and you can dispose of it in your compost.
Soy Candles are Better for the Environment
Since it's a biodegradable product, soy wax can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water. Soy candles are also a carbon neutral product so you can enjoy them knowing that they are not damaging to our planet.
Soy Candles Last Longer
Although it can be tempting to purchase a paraffin candle due to its low cost, soy candles are proven to burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles giving you a much better value for your money.
Soy Candle are Better for your Family
While all open flames emit black soot while burning, soy wax burns a lot cleaner and emits up to 90% less soot compared to paraffin candles making them safe to burn indoors and free of any known carcinogens.
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