Why is my candle sweating?

Why is my candle sweating?

From our experience as candle makers, soy wax provides the best balance of consistent results, lovely and gentle fragrance release, environmental friendliness and burn duration. Since soy wax is a natural material, it is very sensitive to changes in temperature and can sometimes cause what we call “sweating”. Regardless if you're buying your candles from a well known candle company, or you make them at home as a hobby, your candle can sometimes "sweat".

What is sweating?

Sometimes, especially in warmer weather, you may notice a thin layer of oils sitting on the surface of your Terradomi candle. Rest assured, sweating does not affect the performance of your candle, scent throw or duration of burn.

candle sweating

How do I fix it?

Before lighting, you can simply wipe off the excess oil using paper towel or tissue.

What causes sweating?

Soy wax is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperatures, so sweating can be caused by warm weather, direct sunlight, or changes of temperatures. Due to these changes in temperature, the natural oils in the wax start to separate and come to the surface of the candle.

How can I prevent sweating?

Try to keep your Terradomi candle away from drafts, direct sunlight or rooms where the temperature fluctuate. Other than that, light it up and enjoy! :)

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