Summer Edition- Six Best Scents To Cleanse + Refresh Your Space

six best scents to cleanse your space

Summer is here in all its luscious glory and we could not be more excited about it! If you are planning to travel and explore or you're staying put and enjoying summer at home, we put together a list of fun and sunny scents to elevate your space and make you go on a journey even if you don't leave the house! 

When we create our scents, we take inspiration not only from memories and emotions, but also from seasons changing and nature. And summer has so much to offer- from fresh, to earthy, to floral scents, the options are endless! So what are the best five scents to be enjoyed this summer?

1. Citrus- Let's be honest, summers are great, but it can also get hot and sticky. And in those hot summer days, a refreshing lemonade to help cool us down is the absolute best. Well, a citrus candle does the same to your home. With its fresh aroma, citrus helps revive any space and give it an uplifting energy. 

Moreover, citrus oils are proven to boost your mood, and enhance your emotional balance by working on the brain's chemicals and hormones. Citrus is predominant in the Breeze candle (the fresh, mesmerizing scent of the ocean enhanced by juicy Sicilian oranges. Mid notes of star jasmine and white cedar with earthy musk at the base.) as well as #Hautemess candle ( This scent is a perfect combination for those who enjoy a floral, yet citrus fresh fragrance. A sophisticated and delicate blend of citrus, pink grapefruit, white gardenia, jasmine petals & dew drops. Top Notes- white gardenia, jasmine petals. Middle Notes- pink grapefruit, lemon zest. Base Notes- pink nectarine & cotton musk).

2. Cedar Wood- Bring the outdoors inside with fresh and earthy fragrance notes. Cedar wood oil, with its earthy and slightly sweet fragrance, has been used extensively in aromatherapy for its comforting, stress releasing and sedative properties. Cedar wood oil helps promote a restful sleep and, due to its fresh aroma, it's often used to deodorize and refresh indoor spaces.

Cedar wood is one of our favourites to use and if you're looking for the ultimate earthy, yet fresh scent this summer, #CabinFever candle is for you! Ozone floral top notes with citrus and balsam. Heart notes of spice, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Musk and moss at the base makes is smell like you're talking a walk through a beautiful enchanted forest.

3. Bergamot- beautiful, citrusy and freshly scented, Bergamot is widely used in the body fragrance industry for its well rounded and sophisticated notes. This aromatic citrus tree originates in South East Asia and now is mostly grown in Italy, more specifically Calabria. Bergamot oil has a citrus, fresh aroma with a hint of spice and is well known to help uplift your mood and energy levels.

Bergamot is one of the main fragrance notes in the Amour candlewhere it's beautifully paired with vanilla bean and jasmine to create the ultimate sophisticated scent.  Top Notes- citrus, cactus blossom and a touch of spice, middle notes- jasmine & bergamot and base notes- long lasting vanilla bean & a hint of musk, this will become your new favourite daily fragrance.

4. Jasmine- who doesn't love the beautiful scent of jasmine on a hot summer night? Deriving from jasmine flower, jasmine oil is well known for its stress reducing and mood boosting properties. Research has shown that jasmine oil, through skin application or aromatherapy such as burning a candle, can positively impact the nervous system and could have an effect on breathing, blood pressure, alertness, stress response etc. 

Jasmine has a distinctive scent, is often used on skin as body fragrance and is a perfect option for those who enjoy a floral, summer aroma. Jasmine is featured in one of our best selling candles, Eucalyptus + Jasmine. Top notes of orange, mint & eucalyptus, middle notes of jasmine & sheer woods with a base note of amber & musk create the perfect summer scent.

six best scents to refresh

5. Tropical Scents- To us at Terradomi, nothing screams summer more than the sweetness and creaminess of a Pina Colada, especially if it's being enjoyed with our toes in the sand. Summer means beach, sun, sand and everything in between and if you can't make it to the beach this year, well, we're going to bring the beach to you! We couldn't resist the temptation of creating a tropical candle to take you on a sensory tropical getaway in the comfort of your home, and so, Sun Kissed Candle was born. Top notes of tropical fruit with mid notes of sea salt and coconut and a warm base of creamy vanilla, this one won't disappoint the beach lover in you!

6. Botanical & Herbaceous Scents- Botanical scents are a favourite not only in the summer, but their freshness and lightness makes them ideal for rejuvenating your space in those sticky summer days. Think fresh and energizing aromas like rosemary, mint, even a touch of black pepper!  And you can find all of those aromas in our Calm candle, Rosemary oil is often used in aromatherapy to help with easing nervous system tension as well as aiding in breathing and stimulating concentration and focus. It's great for those days when you are working or studying, yet you're struggling to find your focus.

In addition to rosemary, we also included mint in the Calm candle for an additional boost of energy and freshness. Similar to rosemary, mint oil is great for enhancing your focus and memory and it improves breathing by clearing nasal passages. Not to mention it will give you an instant boost of energy!


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