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I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. As a little girl, growing up in Romania, I spent numerous days fantasizing and day dreaming about what kind of business I would start, how I would love to live life on my own terms, make my own schedule and, most importantly, truly making a difference in the world. Deciding to start a business came natural to me as both my parents were small business owners and that was the reality I grew up with. From a very early age, I started witnessing the hard work, dedication and passion involved in owning a business and I was fascinated by it, in a way it prepared me for my own journey as an entrepreneur.

giving back as a small business

Beyond the hard work and dedication, I also noticed the numerous ways my parents were involved in the community through giving back and contributing as much as they could. It made me realize that, to my parents, giving back was not about maintaining a certain image of their business, feeding into their ego or chasing to be recognized and praised by others, but it was all about community. It was about feeling as though their small contribution would help the community as a whole and, in turn, make them feel as though they belong. 

giving back as a small business in Toronto

When the time came for me to start my candle making business, I was contemplating the ways in which I could give back or contribute to my community. I knew I loved my business, loved pouring candles, keeping creative and promoting sustainability, but somehow it felt as though my business and my work is about more than just my activity and the products I create. During the same time of me starting Terradomi Candle Co, I also became a Canadian citizen and could finally call Canada home. And when that happened, something clicked. I have a new home now, I am a new member of a community which I’m still getting to know and discover and I want to do more!

And so, I decided that every month of the year I will choose a different organization to support by donating to them 10% of my sales during the 30 day time span. This way, I can help (in a small way) more than one organization and support my community and new home. I have always thought, maybe one act of charity doesn’t seem like a lot, but when we all come together and give back, our many small gestures then create a long lasting and impactful result.

-- Written by Andreea Apostol



Andreea is the founder and creative mind behind Terradomi Candle Co. She hand pours her candles in Toronto using all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and non toxic fragrance oils and essential oils. Her mission is to promote a sustainable way of living, so pours her candles in handcrafted ceramic vessels which are meant to be repurposed in the home. In an effort to minimize waste, Terradomi Candle Co also offers candle refill services for local clients.

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