Eco-Friendly Candle Making Supplies in Canada: Your Sustainable Source

candle making supplies canada

Discover Quality Candle Making Supplies in Canada – A Sustainable Approach

At Terradomi Candle Co., we're all about embracing the art of candle making while staying true to our eco-friendly and sustainable ethos. We've seen firsthand how soy wax candles have gained immense popularity, and with the rise of DIY candle crafting during the pandemic, we understand that sourcing the right candle making supplies is crucial. We're excited to share our carefully curated list of top Canadian wholesale candle making suppliers, ensuring that your journey into candle crafting is as smooth and sustainable as possible.

candle making supplies canada

1. Premium Candle Supplies Without the Amazon Hassle

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our candles; it's also reflected in where we source our supplies. We know that many candle makers often turn to Amazon for convenience, but let us explain why you shouldn't. The Amazon marketplace can be overwhelming, filled with various sellers, and it's not always easy to ensure the eco-friendly and quality standards you desire. That's why we've compiled this list of the best and most affordable candle suppliers in Canada, allowing you to shop with confidence.

2. Your Essential Candle Making Ingredients

To craft your homemade scented soy candles, you'll need a few key ingredients: soy wax, wicks, fragrance and essential oils, and the perfect candle jar. Let's delve into these essentials and the top Canadian suppliers for each:

Top Canadian Suppliers for Waxes & Wicks:

  • Village Craft & Candle: They offer premium soy wax and wicks designed for eco-conscious candle makers.
  • Voyageur Candle & Soap: A reliable source for all your soy wax and wick needs.
  • Canwax: They provide quality wax and wicks for those looking to create clean-burning candles.

Top Canadian Suppliers for Fragrance & Essential Oils:

  • New Directions Aromatics: Explore a great selection of natural fragrances and essential oils to add a touch of luxury to your candles.
  • Candora Soap: A fantastic option for high-quality fragrance and essential oils.
  • Voyageur Candle & Soap: They offer a wide range of fragrances and essential oils for candle crafting.

Suppliers for Bulk Candle Jars in Canada:          

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