3 Ultimate Scents For a Cozy Valentine's Day- home edition

scents for valentine's day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner and winter being in its mighty glory, we are all craving a little bit of coziness and serenity at home. At Terradomi Candle Co. we live for the calming ritual of lighting a candle and taking a moment to just be - and so we put together a list of three best scents to give you the ultimate cozy vibes while celebrating love and loved ones.

1.Amour candle- A sophisticated, classic aroma with long lasting vanilla, bergamot and jasmine, fresh citrus notes at the top. This scent is great to enjoy while making a delicious Valentine's Day meal to treat yourself or a loved one and sipping on a glass of your favourite wine. Turn on your favourite tunes, silence social media notifications on your phone and just enjoy.

2. You are Love - We all need to hear the words sometimes, don't we? Enjoy the timeless aroma of vanilla bean, eucalyptus, with fresh undertones of lemon peel and apple. Sophisticated white musk, Canadian Fir and blonde woods at the base will make you fall... in love! At the end of the day, run a bath, use your favourite bath salts, this candle is here to remind you are special and deserve to treat yourself.

vanilla eucalyptus candle

3. Bestie candleCandles make all besties happy! Get a matching candle for you and your bestie and celebrate the precious moments you've enjoyed together and many more to look forward to! Sweet and fun burst of bubble gum, long lasting vanilla bean and a touch of almond at the base. Top Notes- ripe pineapple, sugary peach & citrus, middle Notes- beech tree, winter green, base Notes- vanilla bean & almond.

bestie soy candle


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