Astrology Candle of The Month- Gemini

Gemini Astrology Candle

Element: Air

Color: Light Green, Yellow

Quality: Mutable

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Compatibility: SagittariusAquarius

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23

Dates: May 21- June 20

Gemini Motto: "I'm a day dreamer and a night thinker"

We had so much fun creating the Gemini candle (cotton candy & vanilla), to showcase their fun and curious nature and make it the perfect gift! 

Gemini Astrology Soy Candle

About Gemini: Here's to the social butterflies of the zodiac! Gemini is the third astrological sign of the zodiac and being ruled by Mercury makes them extremely social, chatty and curious. Gemini natives are the representation of communication, they feel very comfortable in social situation and they are extremely observant and aware of the events surrounding them. 

Their innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge makes them excellent observers and they are very successful investigators and journalists. 

Geminis are adventurous, analytical and they love finding solutions for problems. Because they are very social and fluid, they might sometimes find it challenging to establish deep emotional connections. Although they might appear as extremely extroverted to most people, Geminis have a quieter, more introverted side and they don't hesitate to tap into that when they need to. As a mutable sign, Geminis don't mind change, in fact they welcome and embrace it. They are able to make changes easily and staying in one place might make them feel stuck.

Geminis in Love: Driven by curiosity, Geminis tend to fall in love quickly and they are drawn to people that intrigue and fascinate them. Due to the same curiosity, the also tend to fall out of love rather quickly and break ups can often be messy and emotional. Gemini's soulmate understands the dual nature of the sign and will be there to help and guide them through their emotions and feelings.

Geminis in Friendships: Since they have a large social circle, Geminis have no issues making friends- their natural charisma and charms attracts everyone around them and they are fun to be around. They are the types of friends who will most likely show up late to the party, but end up staying until the end.

Inspired by their inquisitive nature, the Gemini candle
 "smells like knowing a little about everything". Fragrance Notes: Top notes of refreshing and sarcastic green and citrus notes, with mid notes of whimsical lily and lavender and a playful base of cotton candy and vanilla.


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