Mahogany Teakwood | Three Wick Candle Mahogany Teakwood - Three Wick Candle
Mahogany Teakwood | Three Wick Ca... $40.00
Transform your space with the captivating allure of our Mahogany Teakwood Three-Wick Candle. Meticulously crafted to infuse your surroundings with the rich and complex scent of mahogany and teakwood, this exquisite soy candle envelops you in an ambiance of warmth and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the alluring fragrance that transports you to a cozy cabin nestled in the mountains. The top notes of ozone floral blend seamlessly with citrus and balsam, setting the stage for heart notes of spice, cedarwood, and eucalyptus. The fragrance is anchored by the base notes of musk and moss, creating a multi-layered olfactory experience that captivates the senses. Unwind and immerse yourself in the depth of the Mahogany Teakwood scent, experiencing the essence of nature's beauty in your own space. Notes: Top: ozone floral, citrus, balsam Middle: spice, cedarwood, eucalyptus Base: musk, moss
Discovery Tea Light Candles Soy Tea Light Candles
Discovery Tea Light Candle Set $16.00
Try out our best selling fragrances before committing to a full size candle, and discover your favourites! The set includes 6 tea light candles of our best selling scents, 3 hr burn time each. 1. "Amour"- A sophisticated, classic aroma with long lasting vanilla, bergamot and jasmine, fresh citrus notes at the top. Top Notes- citrus, cactus blossom and a touch of spice. Middle Notes- jasmine & bergamot. Base Notes- long lasting vanilla bean & a hint of musk  2. "#Cabinfever"- Make an escape with this fresh and warm woody fragrance. Ozone floral top notes with citrus and balsam. Heart notes of spice, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Musk and moss at the base. 3. "#Hautemess"- This scent is a perfect combination for those who enjoy a floral, yet citrus fresh fragrance. A sophisticated and delicate blend of citrus, pink grapefruit, white gardenia, jasmine petals & dew drops.Top Notes- white gardenia, jasmine petals Middle Notes- pink grapefruit, lemon zest. Base Notes- pink nectarine & cotton musk.  4. "Eucalyptus + Jasmine"- Top notes of orange, mint & eucalyptus. Middle notes of jasmine & sheer woods with a base note of amber & musk. 5. "But, first coffee"- A rich, full-bodied aroma accompanied by the buttery appeal of freshly roasted European hazelnuts and a touch of indulgent almond milk. Top notes- sweet citrus peel. Middle notes- almond milk & roasted hazelnuts. Base notes- rich and creamy espresso. 6. "Homebody"- A candle to remind you of cozy Saturday mornings with a fresh bowl of Fruit Loops! This fun and nostalgic scent of Fruit Loops cereal will bring back precious memories. Top Notes- citrus, berries. Middle Notes- cherry, orange. Base Notes- long lasting vanilla bean & sandalwood Candle Info 3 hr burn per each tea light sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free. all natural soy wax.  
Madagascar Vanilla Bean | Three Wick Candle 3 Wick Madagascar Vanilla Bean Soy Candle
Madagascar Vanilla Bean | Three W... $40.00
Elevate your ambiance with our Madagascar Vanilla Bean Three-Wick Candle. Crafted to infuse your space with a luxurious and timeless aroma, this exquisite soy candle envelops you in a comforting embrace of pure joy. Immerse yourself in the classic fragrance that brings an air of sophistication to your surroundings. Allow the enchanting notes of fresh vanilla beans to dance delicately in the air, accompanied by subtle top notes of cherry blossom that add a floral and vibrant touch. As the fragrance unfolds, experience the seamless transition to the base notes of creamy vanilla and musk. These notes harmonize to create a symphony of warmth and sweetness, cocooning you in an oasis of tranquility and contentment. Aromatherapy Benefits of Vanilla: Beyond its delightful scent, vanilla is renowned for its soothing and comforting properties. It has the power to ease stress, promote relaxation, and cultivate a sense of well-being. The gentle fragrance of vanilla envelops your senses, fostering a serene ambiance that alleviates anxiety and uplifts your mood. Choose the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Three-Wick Candle for a luxurious experience that envelops you in a cocoon of calm and indulgence. Notes: Top: cherry blossom Base: creamy vanilla, musk
Eucalyptus + Jasmine | Three Wick Candle Eucalyptus and jasmine three wick candle
Eucalyptus + Jasmine | Three Wick... $40.00
Elevate your space into a haven of well-being and relaxation with our Eucalyptus + Jasmine Luxury Soy Wax Candle. Embrace the transformative power of scent, enhance your self-care routine, and let the serene fragrance transport you to a spa-like oasis of tranquility. Let the enchanting fragrance envelop you as top notes of orange, mint, and eucalyptus create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere. As the scent unfolds, allow the delicate heart notes of jasmine and sheer woods to transport you to a place of inner peace and serenity. The carefully balanced blend of fragrances culminates in a base note of amber and musk, adding depth and warmth to the aromatic symphony. Notes: Top: orange, mint, eucalyptus Middle: jasmine, sheer woods Base: amber, musk
HARVEST MOON | Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla Candle HARVEST MOON | Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla Candle
HARVEST MOON | Pumpkin Spice + Va... from $19.00
Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of the changing seasons with our Harvest Moon soy candle. Crafted to capture the heartwarming aroma of autumn, this candle will transport you to a serene pumpkin patch, evoking memories of crisp, cozy evenings. Indulge in the delightful blend of aromatic pumpkin spice, infused with the timeless allure of vanilla bean, cinnamon, and clove. As the fragrance envelops your space, embrace the comforting embrace of autumn's embrace, where the scent of warm spices and sweet vanilla dances in the air. Let the candle's glow illuminate your surroundings, creating an ambiance reminiscent of leisurely walks through colorful foliage and the soothing sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. The scent of Harvest Moon fills the air, inviting you to unwind and bask in the magic of the season. Rediscover the joy of celebrating the changing seasons and savoring the beauty of autumn's palette. Our Harvest Moon soy candle is more than just a candle; it's a tribute to the moments that define the spirit of fall and create lasting memories. Notes: Top: aromatic pumpkin spice Heart: vanilla bean, cinnamon, clove  
Pick Your Own Scent | Three Wick Candle Eucalyptus and jasmine three wick candle
Pick Your Own Scent | Three Wick ... $40.00
Elevate your space into a haven of well-being and relaxation with our three wick candles. Pick the scent of your choice from our signature collection and enjoy!

Welcome to our Signature Collection, where artistry meets ambiance. At our candle company in Toronto, Canada, we take immense pride in handcrafting exquisite candles that not only illuminate your space but also ignite your senses. Each candle is meticulously curated, combining the finest ingredients with unparalleled attention to detail. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey as we introduce you to our captivating fragrances, all proudly made in Toronto, supporting local artisans and the community.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability lies at the core of everything we do. As a local business, we strive to make a positive impact on our environment and support our community. That's why all our candles are proudly made in Toronto, using premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. We strongly believe in the beauty of handcrafted goods and the importance of supporting local artisans and businesses.

Now, let us delve into the scented symphony of our Signature Collection. Brace yourself for an olfactory experience like no other as we unveil a carefully curated selection of fragrances that will evoke memories, create ambiance, and set the mood for any occasion.

  • "But first, coffee" – Start your day with an invigorating burst of fragrance that captures the essence of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Our Espresso + Roasted Hazelnut candle will awaken your senses and energize your space. Close your eyes and imagine the comforting warmth of this rich and robust scent enveloping you, transporting you to your favorite coffee shop.

  • Experience the harmonious blend of “Palo Santo & Lavender”. This enchanting combination balances the earthy and woody notes of Palo Santo with the soothing essence of lavender. Allow the calming properties of lavender to embrace you while the mystical aroma of Palo Santo purifies and uplifts your surroundings. Let this exquisite fragrance create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your home.

  • Indulge in the decadent sweetness of “Fig + Brown Sugar”. This delightful fragrance marries the succulent aroma of ripe figs with the caramelized allure of brown sugar. As the candle flickers, it fills your space with an irresistible blend that is both comforting and indulgent. Let the aroma of Fig + Brown Sugar transport you to a world of delectable desserts and warm, cozy evenings.

  • For those with a sweet tooth, "Bean there, done that" beckons with the alluring scent of Madagascar Vanilla Bean. Surrender to the creamy, intoxicating aroma as it sweeps through the room, creating an inviting atmosphere that entices and delights. Lose yourself in the warm embrace of this beloved fragrance, reminiscent of freshly baked goods and sweet indulgence.

  • Unleash the refreshing and rejuvenating power of “Eucalyptus & Jasmine”. Breathe in the invigorating essence of eucalyptus leaves, mingling with the delicate and intoxicating scent of jasmine flowers. This exquisite combination brings a sense of tranquility and serenity to any space, creating a spa-like oasis in your own home. Let the Eucalyptus & Jasmine candle transport you to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Experience the harmonious blend of earthy sophistication with our "Cedarwood & Tobacco" candle. The rich and smoky aroma of cedarwood intertwines with the warm and captivating notes of tobacco, creating a fragrance that exudes elegance and allure. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, and let the comforting embrace of this scent transport you to a cozy cabin nestled amidst a lush forest.

  • Indulge in the vibrant and refreshing essence of our "#HAUTEMESS" candle, infused with the delicate aroma of jasmine petals and citrus. This captivating blend combines the intoxicating floral notes of jasmine with the zesty brightness of citrus, resulting in a fragrance that is both invigorating and uplifting. Light this candle and let its vibrant energy infuse your space with a touch of elegance and a burst of freshness.

We are proud to offer refillable options for the majority of our scents. Sustainability is a key pillar of our brand, and we are committed to reducing waste. Our sleek white containers not only exude elegance but are also designed with sustainability in mind. When your candle burns low, simply opt for our refill service. By choosing to refill your candle, you not only continue to enjoy our exquisite scents but also contribute to a greener future.

In addition to our captivating fragrances, we are proud to present our three-wick candles, designed to enhance your ambiance and create a lasting impression. These candles are crafted to burn for an impressive 80 hours, allowing you to indulge in their enchanting fragrances for an extended period. Our three-wick candles are not only long-lasting but also refillable, making them a sustainable choice. When your candle reaches its end, simply opt for our refill service to continue enjoying your favorite scents while minimizing waste.

Choose from three exquisite scents for our three-wick candles:

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean: Immerse yourself in the creamy and comforting aroma of this beloved fragrance. The sweet and seductive notes of Madagascar vanilla bean will envelop your space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Eucalyptus + Jasmine: Experience the revitalizing and serene combination of eucalyptus and jasmine. The invigorating essence of eucalyptus leaves blends harmoniously with the delicate and captivating scent of jasmine, creating an oasis of tranquility in your home.

  • Mahogany Teakwood: Let the luxurious and captivating aroma of mahogany teakwood envelop your space. This rich and sophisticated fragrance combines the deep and warm notes of mahogany wood with the earthy allure of teakwood, creating an atmosphere of opulence and refinement.

If you're eager to explore our best-selling fragrances before committing to a full-size candle, we offer the Discovery Tea Light Set. This thoughtfully curated set includes six tea lights, each showcasing a different signature scent from our collection. Take this opportunity to experience the essence of our candles in a smaller form and discover the scents that resonate with your senses. It's the perfect way to embark on a fragrant journey and find your personal favorites.

At Terradomi Candle Co., we believe that scent is an art form, capable of transforming spaces and evoking emotions. Our Signature Collection embodies the perfect blend of craftsmanship, premium ingredients, and captivating fragrances. Each candle is a testament to our dedication to providing you with an unforgettable olfactory experience. Explore our website and immerse yourself in the scents that speak to your soul. Embrace the warmth and tranquility they bring, and elevate your everyday moments. Whether you're seeking relaxation, inspiration, or an ambiance that reflects your unique style, our handmade candles are the perfect choice.

Made in Toronto, made in Canada, and made with love, our Signature Collection is a celebration of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the art of scent. Join us on this fragrant journey and experience the magic of our candles, meticulously crafted to ignite your senses and enhance the beauty of your space.

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