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cozy days candle set
"Cozy Days" Candle Set $53.00 $59.00
Cozy Days Candle Set: Create Your Moment of Comfort Embrace the warmth and coziness of our "Cozy Days" candle set – your invitation to unwind and savour the simple joys of life. This set includes four 8 oz soy candles, each offering up to 50 hours of soothing burn time, perfect for your serene moments. "TWILIGHT" - Immerse yourself in the enchantment of "Twilight," where warm oud meets golden sandalwood, accompanied by whispers of amber and delicate jasmine petals. Let this soothing, earthy fragrance transport you to a serene winter sunset, where tranquility meets nature's embrace. "DAWN" - Awaken your senses with the invigorating blend of "Dawn." Zesty ginger, comforting cinnamon, and sweet vanilla create a symphony of aromas that invigorate your space. Feel the energy of a new day and unwind as the sun sets, enveloped in the embrace of a freshly brewed vanilla chai. "HARVEST MOON" - Experience the charm of "Harvest Moon," a pumpkin spiced aroma that combines vanilla bean, cinnamon, and clove. Fill your surroundings with the cozy scent of autumn days, inviting you to gather and savor moments of togetherness. "FIRESIDE" - Find solace in the comforting embrace of "Fireside." Transport yourself to a rustic cabin with notes of freshly cut wood and the gentle crackle of a fire. Mahogany, teakwood, and a hint of geranium combine to create an inviting, earthy ambiance.    
Toronto hand poured candles
"Serenity" Candle Set $59.00
Immerse yourself in the aroma of the "Serenity" candle set, designed to celebrate and embrace moments of tranquility. This set features four 8 oz candles, offering up to 50 hours of serene burn time. "CALM" - Experience a soothing blend where zesty citrus and invigorating mint dance with the grounding essence of rosemary. A symphony of lush greens and rich woods forms the base, accentuated by a subtle hint of black pepper. Transform your space into a haven of calm with this refreshing aroma. "SUNDAY" - Capture the enchantment of a leisurely Sunday morning with the delightful "Sunday" fragrance. Allow the sweet allure of vanilla sugar and the warmth of cinnamon spice to envelop you, while mid notes of clove leaves and maple syrup create a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of cherished brunch moments. "BREEZE" - Let your senses wander to distant shores with the captivating "Breeze" scent. Experience the invigorating embrace of the ocean, complemented by the exotic essence of Sicilian oranges. Mid notes of star jasmine and white cedar add a touch of sophistication, while the earthy musk base anchors the experience in blissful serenity. "BLOOM" - Embrace the beauty of nature's awakening with the elegant "Bloom" fragrance. A symphony of pink lilac and mandarin leaf takes center stage, embraced by the delicate grace of blue willow. Notes of wild bamboo and magnolia infuse green freshness, while the sheer musk base adds an earthy touch of grounding.
Terradomi- Toronto Candle Company- jasmine and citrus scented candle floral scented candle
#HAUTEMESS | Jasmine + Citrus Candle from $19.00
Indulge in luxury with our #HAUTEMESS Jasmine Petals + Citrus Candle, crafted from premium soy wax for a delightful sensory experience. This enchanting scent is the perfect fusion for floral and citrus enthusiasts alike. Immerse yourself in a sophisticated harmony of white gardenia and jasmine petals, elevated by the freshness of pink grapefruit and lemon zest. Notes: Top: white gardenia, jasmine petals Middle: pink grapefruit, lemon zest Base: pink nectarine, cotton musk
AMOUR | Bergamot + Vanilla Candle White candle on the table
AMOUR | Bergamot + Vanilla Candle from $19.00
Elevate your ambiance with our luxurious AMOUR Bergamot + Vanilla Candle, meticulously crafted from premium soy wax for an exquisite sensory indulgence. Experience the allure of a sophisticated, timeless fragrance that seamlessly blends the richness of vanilla and bergamot with the delicate essence of jasmine. Fresh citrus notes dance at the top, while warm and inviting hints of spice infuse a touch of intrigue. Notes: Top: citrus, cactus blossom, touch of spice Middle: jasmine, bergamot Base: vanilla bean, hint of musk
apple pie candle apple pie scented candle
Apple Pie Candle from $19.00
Indulge in the comforting aroma of our Apple Pie Soy Candle. Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting fragrance of freshly baked apple pie, complete with light undertones of spice. With every burn, you'll experience the essence of home-baked goodness that brings back fond memories and creates a cozy ambiance in your space. Our candles are crafted with care to infuse your surroundings with a delightful aroma that lingers, providing you with moments of comfort and relaxation. Notes: Top: Almond, Orange Middle: Apple, Brown Sugar Base: Butter, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Pie Crust
AQUARIUS Candle | Wood Sage + Sea Salt AQUARIUS astrology soy candle
AQUARIUS Candle | Wood Sage + Sea... $19.00
"AQUARIUS" - Wood Sage + Sea Salt  January 20 - February 18 Element: Air Colour: Light Blue, Silver Quality: Fixed Day: Saturday Ruler: Uranus, Saturn Greatest Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29 Smells like being as real as it gets. Aquarius will always make you laugh with their unfiltered, straight-faced sarcasm. You can rely on them to give you sound advice. Aquarius Motto: "Rules are made to be broken." Fragrance Notes: Sophisticated fruity accents add shimmer to an exquisite blend of wood sage, coconut and sea salt. Layers of musk and sugared vanilla blend with amber for lingering sweetness.Top – fruityMiddle – sea salt, coconutBottom – musk, creamy, vanilla sugar, amberFragrance Notes: Sophisticated musk and soft floral top notes with a rebel heart of coconut, wood sage and sea salt.  
ARIES Candle | Sandalwood + Vanilla Bean zodiac sign collection aries
ARIES Candle | Sandalwood + Vanil... $19.00
"ARIES"- Sandalwood + Vanilla Bean March 21- April 19 Element: Fire Colour: Red Quality: Cardinal Day: Tuesday Ruler: Mars Greatest Compatibility: Leo, Libra Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17 Smells like always being number one. Here's to the leader of the pack, the one that gets things going and takes initiative! Passionate and sometimes annoyingly stubborn, Aries charge and tread where others fear to go. Fragrance Notes: Fun and upbeat green citrus & melon top notes, fiery and passionate middle notes of jasmine & rose, and a warm base of sandalwood and vanilla bean
BESTIE | Bubble Gum + Vanilla Candle scented soy candle
BESTIE | Bubble Gum + Vanilla Candle from $19.00
Elevate your space with our luxurious BESTIE Candle, a delightful addition that brings joy and sweetness into every corner. Crafted from premium soy wax, this candle is a perfect companion for creating a cozy atmosphere and making memories with your besties. Featured in CityLine TV, this enchanting scent embodies the essence of friendship and lighthearted moments. Experience the playful burst of bubble gum intertwined with the tropical allure of ripe pineapple and sugary peach. A touch of winter green adds a refreshing touch, while the cozy base notes of vanilla bean and almond infuse a comforting warmth. Notes: Top: ripe pineapple, sugary peach, citrus Middle: beech tree, winter green Base: vanilla bean, almond Light up our BESTIE Bubble Gum Vanilla Soy Candle and let the heartwarming aroma infuse your space with the joy and comfort that only true friendships bring. Whether you're enjoying a movie night, reminiscing about old times, or simply relaxing in each other's company, this candle adds a touch of sweetness to every moment. Rediscover the simple pleasures of togetherness and create lasting memories with the heartwarming embrace of our BESTIE candle. Let the playful blend of bubble gum and the soothing essence of vanilla bean remind you that the best moments in life are meant to be shared.
Blueberry Cobbler Candle blueberry cobbler scented candle
Blueberry Cobbler Candle from $19.00
Experience the enticing aroma of our Blueberry Cobbler Soy Candle. Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering experience of freshly baked blueberry cobbler, straight out of the oven. The fragrance captures the essence of ripe blueberries mingling with creamy undertones, creating a delightful bouquet that fills your space with irresistible sweetness. As you light this candle, let the captivating scent transport you to a warm and inviting kitchen, where the memories of homemade desserts and cozy gatherings come alive. Notes: Top: Butter, Sugar Middle: Blueberry Base: Graham Cracker, Vanilla
BUT FIRST, COFFEE | Espresso + Hazelnut Candle burning coffee scented candle from Terradomi
BUT FIRST, COFFEE | Espresso + Ha... from $17.00 $19.00
Start your day with a delightful surprise by lighting our luxury scented soy coffee candle alongside your morning brew, infusing your space with the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Embrace the warmth and coziness it brings to elevate your daily routine. Indulge in a rich, full-bodied fragrance that captures the essence of freshly roasted European hazelnuts, accented by the luxurious undertones of almond milk. Let the buttery allure and nutty charm envelop you in a harmonious symphony of scents, making each moment a little brighter. Notes: Top: sweet citrus peel Middle: almond milk, roasted hazelnuts Base: rich and creamy espresso As the gentle glow of the candle flickers, you'll be transported to a café in the heart of Europe, savoring the inviting aroma of a perfectly crafted cup of espresso. The top notes of sweet citrus peel add a touch of zest to the experience, while the heart of almond milk and roasted hazelnuts lends a creamy richness that delights the senses. Let this coffee candle be your morning companion, infusing your space with the captivating charm of coffeehouse ambiance. Whether it's the crack of dawn or a relaxing afternoon, embrace the comforting embrace of this indulgent fragrance and add a touch of coziness to your day.
CABIN FEVER | Cedarwood + Citrus Candle Terradomi cabin fever candle
CABIN FEVER | Cedarwood + Citrus ... from $19.00
Experience the essence of nature's tranquility with top notes that evoke the crispness of ozone florals, complemented by the zesty allure of citrus and the subtle richness of balsam. As the fragrance unfolds, heart notes of invigorating spice, cedarwood, and eucalyptus intermingle, recreating the comforting embrace of a woodland cabin retreat. The journey concludes with base notes of soothing musk and earthy moss, adding depth and grounding to the aromatic experience. Notes: Top: ozone florals, citrus, balsam Heart: spice, cedarwood, eucalyptus Base: musk, moss Indulge in the warmth and freshness of our CABIN FEVER candle, bringing the essence of the great outdoors into your home. Close your eyes and let the enchanting blend of cedarwood and citrus transport you to a peaceful haven, where the worries of the world fade away and a sense of calm serenity prevails. Create your own oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation with the captivating embrace of our CABIN FEVER Cedarwood + Citrus Candle. Let the aromatic symphony of nature's finest elements transform your space into a haven of comfort and tranquility.
CALM | Rosemary + Mint Candle Terradomi calm candle and tea
CALM | Rosemary + Mint Candle from $19.00
Experience serenity at its finest with our luxurious CALM Rosemary + Mint aromatherapy candle, a meticulously crafted blend that infuses your space with tranquility while harnessing the benefits of its aromatic oils. Indulge in the rejuvenating fusion of rosemary, citrus, and mint, expertly combined to create a refreshing sensation that awakens your senses and uplifts your mood. As the candle's gentle glow illuminates your surroundings, the therapeutic properties of the oils begin to weave their magic, promoting mental clarity, focus, and a sense of calm. Notes: Top: citrus, mint, rosemary Base: lush greens, rich woods, hint of black pepper At the heart of this fragrance lies the lush greens and rich woods that form the base of the scent. These grounding elements not only enhance the aromatic experience but also help you find a deeper connection to the present moment, making each inhale a mindful journey towards relaxation. The addition of a subtle hint of black pepper adds a touch of complexity to the blend, further enriching your sensory experience. Known for its potential warming properties, black pepper oil can contribute to easing muscle tension and creating a soothing atmosphere. As you light our CALM candle, you're not just inviting a fragrant aroma into your space; you're inviting the potential benefits of aromatherapy. Let the powerful synergy of rosemary, mint, and citrus help you unwind, find stillness, and embrace a moment of peace amid the chaos of life.  
CANCER Candle | French Iris + Musk Burning Terradomi cancer candle from zodiac sign collection
CANCER Candle | French Iris + Musk $19.00
"CANCER" - Cashmere Musk + French Iris June 21 - July 22 Element: Water Colour: White Quality: Cardinal Day: Monday, Thursday Ruler: Moon Greatest Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20 Smells like forgiving, but not forgetting. Cancers are drawn to stability and comfort of the familiar, they are very intuitive at detecting people's energy and extremely self-protected. Cancer Motto: "I'm nice, just don't provoke me." Fragrance Notes: Fresh herbaceous notes and soothing lavender are blended with warm cedar and fresh cypress in this woodland fantasy. French Iris enriches the exotic tones as it leads to the base of cashmere woods.
Candle Refills | Three Wick Containers Candle Refills | Three Wick Containers
Candle Refills | Three Wick Conta... from $24.00
Finished your three wick Terradomi cement candle? No worries! Just pop in a wax refill and relax!  Why Refills? 1. They are a great value for our three wick candles, save over 40% by reusing your container and enjoy all the benefits of our soy candles. 2. Refilling your candle is an eco friendly and sustainable way to enjoy our products while taking better care of our planet. 3. Have a couple of refills on hand and ready to use once your candle runs out 4. Discover more scents and find your favourites! Info 13 oz soy wax 75+ hour burn time eco friendly, vegan & cruelty free How to Use? Once your three wick candle is finished, completely clean it out. For detailed instructions in how to clean out the container and best practices, please click here. Once the container is dry and cool to the touch, pop in your refill and enjoy! Please burn your refill for a minimum of 3-4 hours, especially for the first burn and allow for the wax to melt all around the edges For best use and performance, we recommend using the three wick refills with the Terradomi cement containers ONLY.
white ceramic container candle refill Candle Refills | White Ceramic Jars
Candle Refills | White Ceramic Jars from $16.00
Just finished your white ceramic Terradomi candle? No worries! Just clean out your container, pop in a wax refill and relax!  Our scented refills are exclusively made for the white ceramic container and are a great way to reuse your candle container as well as benefiting from great savings. Why Refills? 1. They are a great value for our standard size ceramic container, save over 40% by reusing your container and enjoy all the benefits of our soy candles. 2. Refilling your candle is an eco friendly and sustainable way to enjoy our products while taking better care of our planet. 3. Have a couple of refills on hand and ready to use once your candle runs out 4. Discover more scents and find your favourites! How to Use? Once your white ceramic standard candle is finished, completely clean it out and unstick the wick base from the bottom of the container. For detailed instructions in how to clean out the container and best practices, please click here. Once the container is dry, pop in your refill and enjoy! Burn your refill for a minimum of 3-4 hours, especially for the first burn and allow for the wax to melt all around the edges For best use and performance, we recommend using the signature refills with the Terradomi white ceramic containers ONLY. Info 10 oz soy wax 60+ hour burn time eco friendly, vegan & cruelty free PLEASE NOTE: the refills will not be compatible with our black ceramic containers. For more information, click here.
CAPRICORN Candle | Mahogany Teakwood Burning Terradomi Capricorn candle from astrology signs collection
CAPRICORN Candle | Mahogany Teakwood $19.00
"CAPRICORN"- Mahogany Teakwood December 22- January 19 Element: Earth Colour: Brown, Black Quality: Cardinal Day: Saturday Ruler: Saturn Greatest Compatibility: Cancer, Taurus Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22 Smells like always being right. Fragrance Notes:Top: GeraniumMiddle: Mahogany, TeakwoodBase: Earthy, Spice Capricorns have a unique gift of being brutally honest, yet make it sound funny at the same time. Capricorn's Motto: "When I'm good, I'm really good. But when I'm bad, I'm better!"
Cedarwood + Tobacco Leaf Candle Terradomi cedarwood and tobacco leaf candle
Cedarwood + Tobacco Leaf Candle from $19.00
Unwind and take a precious moment for yourself, immersing in the inviting aroma that gracefully mingles tobacco leaf, western cedar, and a subtle hint of leather. As the candle's flame flickers, let the rich base of sandalwood envelope you in its soothing embrace, while the soft essence of moss completes the aromatic symphony. An enchanting blend of scents that evoke the feeling of cozying up with a favourite book, embracing the serenity of the present moment. The natural essence of cedarwood brings a sense of grounding, while the delicate touch of tobacco leaf adds a touch of sophistication to the fragrance. Notes: Top: tobacco leaf, leather Middle: western cedar Base: sandalwood, soft moss Allow this enticing blend to transport you to a realm of tranquility, where the worries of the world melt away and all that remains is the soothing embrace of this exquisite fragrance. Elevate your senses, nurture your well-being, and let the warm embrace of our candle envelop you in a cocoon of luxury and serenity.
chocolate chip cookie scented candle cookie scented candle
Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle from $17.00 $19.00
Enjoy the irresistible scent of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Soy Candle. Experience the nostalgia of freshly baked cookies with every delicate whiff. The fragrance captures the essence of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven, filling your space with a sense of comfort and delight. As you light this candle, let the aroma transport you to cherished memories of homemade treats and cozy moments, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Notes Top: Orange Zest, Milk Chocolate Chips Middle: Brown Sugar Base: Vanilla Extract, Cookie Dough
cinnamon bun soy scented candles cinnamon scented candle
Cinnamon Bun Candle from $19.00 $28.00
Savour the delectable aroma of our Cinnamon Bun Soy Candle. Transport yourself to a cozy bakery with the tantalizing scent of warm cinnamon buns, drizzled with creamy vanilla icing. Let the fragrance infuse your space with the mouthwatering essence of freshly baked treats, creating an atmosphere that's both comforting and inviting. As you light this candle, allow the enticing aroma to awaken your senses and evoke a sense of pure indulgence. Notes: Top: Butter, Cherry Middle: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Maple Sugar Base: Baked Dough
Discovery Tea Light Candles Soy Tea Light Candles
Discovery Tea Light Candle Set $16.00
Try out our best selling fragrances before committing to a full size candle, and discover your favourites! The set includes 6 tea light candles of our best selling scents, 3 hr burn time each. 1. "Amour"- A sophisticated, classic aroma with long lasting vanilla, bergamot and jasmine, fresh citrus notes at the top. Top Notes- citrus, cactus blossom and a touch of spice. Middle Notes- jasmine & bergamot. Base Notes- long lasting vanilla bean & a hint of musk  2. "#Cabinfever"- Make an escape with this fresh and warm woody fragrance. Ozone floral top notes with citrus and balsam. Heart notes of spice, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Musk and moss at the base. 3. "#Hautemess"- This scent is a perfect combination for those who enjoy a floral, yet citrus fresh fragrance. A sophisticated and delicate blend of citrus, pink grapefruit, white gardenia, jasmine petals & dew drops.Top Notes- white gardenia, jasmine petals Middle Notes- pink grapefruit, lemon zest. Base Notes- pink nectarine & cotton musk.  4. "Eucalyptus + Jasmine"- Top notes of orange, mint & eucalyptus. Middle notes of jasmine & sheer woods with a base note of amber & musk. 5. "But, first coffee"- A rich, full-bodied aroma accompanied by the buttery appeal of freshly roasted European hazelnuts and a touch of indulgent almond milk. Top notes- sweet citrus peel. Middle notes- almond milk & roasted hazelnuts. Base notes- rich and creamy espresso. 6. "Homebody"- A candle to remind you of cozy Saturday mornings with a fresh bowl of Fruit Loops! This fun and nostalgic scent of Fruit Loops cereal will bring back precious memories. Top Notes- citrus, berries. Middle Notes- cherry, orange. Base Notes- long lasting vanilla bean & sandalwood Candle Info 3 hr burn per each tea light sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free. all natural soy wax.  

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