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Luxury soy wax candle set

Celebrate the holiday season with this ultimate festive set! The set includes two of our most popular holiday fragrances: GRATEFUL and JOYFUL.

GRATEFUL- A warm blend to celebrate the beauty of winter! Classic notes of vanilla bean blend with sparkling clementine, pine needles essential oils and clove.Top notes- clementine, pine needles essential oils. Middle Notes- clove & cinnamon. Base notes- long lasting vanilla bean

JOYFUL- A spiced blend to help you get warm and cozy this winter! Warm top notes of cinnamon & clove with middle notes of apple, red berries and orange peel on a warm bed of golden nectar and vanilla bean.


Candle Info

11 oz, 550 gr each

65 hr burn time

eligible for our refill program

sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

all natural soy wax.

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